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2018-2019 Athletic Booster Partnership


To Whom It May Concern,


The Eminence Jr./Sr HS Athletic Department serves nearly 200 students in both the  middle school and high school settings and through six different sports. Our success in athletics is largely because of the community support our teams, and student-athletes receive. I write you today because we are looking for community minded supporters of the Eminence Eels!

What you may not realize is that Indiana is one of three states in the country that are not allowed to use tax dollars to support the operational costs of high school athletics. You becoming an “Athletic Booster” to Eminence Athletics is vital to the operation and improvement of our athletic programs.

While I know that finances are sometimes tight and everyone operates within certain budgets, I want you to know that your support of our mission is difficult to put a dollar value on. People work hard for their communities they serve, just like our Eminence Eels (coaches or athletes) are working hard to make our community proud.

Your contributions will help fill the ever-increasing gap between revenue and expenditures in middle school and high school sports. Partnership dollars will be used for the purchasing and upkeep of sports equipment, purchasing of team uniforms, and awards for our students-athletes. Studies show that students participating in extracurricular activities make better grades, have opportunities for students to serve their school, to enjoy fellowship and goodwill, and to learn the qualities of good citizenship. We view our mission with these student-athletes as one of preparing them for life.

Your decision to become an Eminence Jr/Sr High School Athletic “Athletic Booster” will both promote your dedication and will demonstrate your commitment to the community!


Thank you for your support and GO EELS!


Brian Burelison

Athletic Director

765-528-2222 ext 238


2018-2019 Athletic Booster Membership Information

Your decision to become an Eminence “Athletic Booster” will promote your dedication and will demonstrate your commitment to the community! We are glad to happily thank our supporters via social media, on our weekly newsletters, on our website, and at home events.












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Please mail this information back with your contribution to:


Brian Burelison

Eminence Jr/Sr. High School Athletics

6760 State Road 42 North

Eminence, IN 46125


(If you have a question, call Brian Burelison in the Eminence Athletic Office or email…

765-528-2222 ext 238